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The PHONETIC ENGLISH FONT by Chris Nugent was first copyrighted and trademarked in the mid 1990s under the name of VIRTUAL PHONETICS. Since then it has been progressively refined. Thanks to the arrival of the computer age … the PHONETIC ENGLISH FONT is the first ever font to PRACTICALLY address the centuries old literacy problem that we have had with the pronunciation of so many of our ENGLISH words.

Depending upon your system of classification, the pronunciation of our ENGLISH words are said to be governed by as many as 360 “rules” within our spelling conventions. Uncertainty and even chaos challenge ALL of our children who are learning to read as well as ALL of those students who are newcomers to the study of the ENGLISH language.

The PHONETIC ENGLISH FONT is a big step in helping both of these groups. It reduces the number of English WORD PRONUNCIATION RULES down from 360 to only 60.

At its basics, the PHONETIC ENGLISH FONT is only a refined diacritical letter marking system that does NOT change the spelling of any words: it merely shows how they are pronounced. Comparable markings on and around letters have been used within a number of European languages for centuries. And the basic idea of such markings around letters almost certainly began with writings of Biblical antiquity.

The PHONETIC ENGLISH BIBLE series is simply the Bible that has been made easier for readers to read because there are many less RULES OF PRONUNCIATION to cope with.

All books are also available to purchase from Amazon in Kindle format

Book 1 – Genesis To Deuteronomy
Book 2 – Joshua to Job
Book 3 – The Book of Psalms
Book 4 – Proverbs to Malachi
Book 5 – The New Testament