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The most recent archaeological revelations from the Middle East serve to confirm that most English Old and New Testaments have been  VERY BADLY TRANSLATED from the original  Hebrew and Aramaic documents.  Most English Bibles actually contain more than 10,000 instances of inaccurate translations … and some of these are not short of blasphemous.    

ONE: The  Mistranslations of  the 1st to  the 3rd Century

The common Christian preaching that the Holy Bible is the  “ Word of God ”   rather than the Word about God amounts to a modern and gigantic global lie. The lie is used mainly to extract money from the pockets of any victim who is unfortunate enough to believe it.

The 39 books of the  Old Testament Bible were originally written in  Hebrew and were most scrupulously preserved in writing by the Hebrew ( later called ‘Jewish’)  people from the time of Moses up to this present day. Moses lived some 1400 years before the birth of Jesus. 

All the Hebrew people between and including Moses and Jesus were instructed … literally hundreds of times … by their Hebrew scriptures …  to pray to YAHWEH their Elohim. Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi who actually did teach from the Torah and did teach His people to totally love and worship YAHWEH their Elohim. The current archaeological evidence on this matter is incontrovertible

The 27 books of the  New Testament Bible on the other hand, were originally written in an early dialectical language that derived from Hebrew. This dialect was called  Aramaic and it was this language that was actually spoken, as well as written, by both Jesus and His disciples.   Since before the time of Jesus more than 16 Aramaic dialects have now emerged within the Middle East … but the very original Aramaic dialect of our New Testament times was the one that was both spoken and written by Jesus and his disciples. Archaeologically speaking, this particular dialect is  referred to as Peshitta Aramaic. 

All the New Testament scriptures were first written not in the Ancient Greek language… as most Christians since around the 16th century have been taught to believe … but in the Peshitta Aramaic dialect. The three references in the text box below provide over 2.5 thousand pages of modern details as a scientifically disciplined demonstration of Peshitta as the original language of the  New Testament.

1. ARAMAIC ENGLISH NEW TESTAMENT (AENT):  THE NETZARI PRESS LLC PUBLISHERS: First edition in 2008 through to the fifth edition in  2012
3. HEBRAIC  ROOTS BIBLE:  3rd Edition 2015:  Congregation of YHWH Jerusalem: PO Box 832 Carteret NJ 07008: Don Esposito.

The evidence now has it that … sometime early within the two centuries following the death of Jesus on the cross … the Peshitta Aramaic New Testament scriptures were first translated, by the Greeks, into Ancient Greek. 

In 382 CE, the Ancient Greek translations of both the Old and New Testaments were  translated into Latin and this without any corrections to their fundamental errors. And these seriously uncorrected translations currently mark the historical confirmation of a blasphemous translational religious bigotry that has continued into most of the world’s  21st century Bibles.   

How on Earth Did This Happen?

The very original ancient Greek translators of the early centuries did clearly have their own religiously bigoted and antisemitic views that they brought to their early Christian congregations. Four examples are sufficient for our present purposes: The ancient Greeks of around the first/second century CE:

  1. Eradicated all mention of the name YAHWEH as the name of God even though (1) it occurred not less than 176 times in the Peshitta New Testament. (2) the expression YAHWEH your Elohim occurred some hundreds of times in the Hebrew Old Testament.
  2. Eradicated also the extremely important meaning of the Hebrew word ELOHIM (for GOD) with its vital ability to simultaneously signify both ONE* as well as MANY** (Much like the word  SHEEP* in English)The word  ELOHIM  has been replaced globally by the word  THEOS  in Greek and by the word   GOD ( a pagan Babylonian deity)  in  English.
  3. Fully reinvented the name of Our Messiah from the original Aramaic YESHUA  or  Y’SHUA  in line with the name of the main pagan Greek god called  ZEUS and … because of this … called JESUS  something similar to  IE-ZEUS.This name… also of clear pagan origin ….  later became known as IESUS and then finally … in the 17th century English of King James 1st … as JESUS.
  4. De-emphasized to near extinction, countless foundational teachings and traditions within the TORAH of Moses … as well as of Jesus … by referring to the TORAH as merely the LAW ’.

TWO: The  Mistranslations  of the 17th  Century

Most of the world’s current (non Catholic) Bibles … and this in all languages … have descended originally from the  King James Bible that was written by a team of 47 scholars between 1604 and 1611 at the direction of  King James I of England. 

At around the same time, the first English version of the Catholic or ‘Latin Vul-gate’ Bible was printed at Douai … by a team of recently excommunicated English ex patriots, who were living, in the north of France.

The translational teams of both of these important 17th century English Bibles actually transferred roughly the same number of (circa 2nd to 4th century) translational blasphemies into English. This was mainly because both teams believed that their very ‘original’ Latin and Greek (and their Hebrew-through-Greek )  references were free from serious error.  But as we have already explained … the vital basic references of both teams of that time, were not free from serious error … and consequently … neither were their translations into English. 

The above details on the 17th century  King James and  Douai Bibles do not preclude the demonstrable certainty that both teams of translators also indulged in a number of politically convenient translations that flattered either (1) the  egos or (2) the doctrinal preferences of the authorities who paid their wages. The translators for King James for example, actually changed the name of one of the brothers of Jesus from the Peshitta Aramaic JACOB  or  JA’AKOV  to  JAMES.  And the Douai translators were obliged to conform to the highly contentious and distinctly punitive laws of the 17th century Catholic Vatican. 

Most of the  Bibles of the present day … regardless of the language that they are currently written in … descend from the above two 17th century documents. Most too, have stubbornly preserved the pseudo sanctity of their now 1,800 year old basic errors many of which have more than merely ‘bordered’ on lies through to blasphemies.   

IN SUMMARY:  The  NAMES OF GOD   Bible by Ann Spangler of the Baker Publishing  Group provides a very clever and also very readable exposure of the over  10,000 or so errors that were incorporated into the original version of the King James Bible. It is highly recommended that you buy a copy of this bible and examine it for yourself.  


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