Phonetic English ESL Limitations


In the 11,000 word sample that was examined, the 10 basic signs of Virtual Phonetics went an amazing 98.7% of the way toward making elementary school written English seem more logical.

Each of the following words contains a tiny idiosyncrasy that prevents it from being satisfactorily encoded with the Virtual Phonetics marking system.

There is no doubt that if we choose to look again with a second microscope we will still find a number more to fit into this category. Such is written English.

But after all, Virtual Phonetics is precisely what its name so unashamedly declares.

There is only one common primary level ‘phonic letter combination’ that is not currently covered by the markings of Virtual Phonetics. It is the ew combination. A viable mark to properly enable it to be covered by the current rules of Virtual Phonetics is not available.

brew brewery screwed dewdrops few fewer flew grew new renew stewed trew chew strewn jewel Jew Jewish jeweller jewellery

A number of other words contain odd phonics that are also too difficult to convert:

bouquet lieutenant bureau plateau one meringue lingerie reservoir abattoir busy pretty women minute business conscience sew sewn camoufl2ge police machine machinery m2rgarine magazine chivalry parachute chef chute buffet chic