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Bold a in ai

laid afraid maid paid raid aided unpaid rail nail sail hail mail nail blackmail snail daily detail trail wail claim claimed aimed exclaim proclaimed rain brain brainy drain refrain gain main pain plain complain explain sprain c#ntain stain train bait wait await faint paint c#mplaint quaint raise praise fait faitf5l straight


Bold a in ay

ray say lay hay may day clay decay midday fray slay delay mislay dismay pay payment repay pray spray play display tray betray betrayal stay stray way stray away sway


Bold e in ea

seam beam creamy dream team steam stream squeamish lean bean clean mean leap heap cheap seated beat bleat defeated heated meat neat repeat treat cheat cheated wheat least beast feast beneat underneat wreat reach beach bleached peach peaches teach teacher lease release crease increase grease please pleased displease disease leaves weave


In these words the e is not bold

bread read ready unready lead dead deadly dread dreadf5l dreadfully head ahead behead beheaded overhead spread steady unsteady instead tread treaded sweaty treaten treatening leant meant leather feather weather breat deat deatbed healt healty wealt wealty stealty dealt heavy heaven heavenly weap#n leapt deaf dreamt NOTE: great steak break


Bold e in the ie or ei rule

belief relief brief grief tief chief chiefly field yield wield shield priest priestly niece piece mantelpiece apiece believe relieve relieved grief tieves retrieve ceiling c#nceit c#nceited deceit deceitful c#nceive deceive perceive receive


Bold e in ee

see bee free agree agreed agreement degree glee gleef5l tree treetop reef beef breed bleed proceed creek Greek week cheek cheeky reel feel feeling heel peel peelings wheel seem seemed esteem esteemed seen been screen keen between queen sixteen deep knee kneel


Bold e in ee

deepen jeep keep peep steep weep sheep feet fleet greet meet street sweet sheet leech speech speechless teet teething breeze freeze sneezed squeeze squeezed wheeze teens teenager fifteen sixteent seventeent nineteent


Bold e in ey

key donkey alley valley chimney m#nkey h#ney m#ney


Bold i in igh

sigh sighing high highness highly tigh right sight oversight light lighten delight night slight bright fight fright frighten frightful might midnight plight tight tighten knight airtight tonight


Bold o in oa & oe

road load toad roam foam soak croak cloak coal foal goal loaf loan groan moan soap boat coat float goat troat roast boasted coast coach approach poach loaves coax cockroach oat doe foe goes hoe hoeing toe woe woef5l


Bold o in ow

owe owed rowed rower sowing blowing slow bow own crow flowing overflow low glowing snowing tow trow showing grow grown overgrown stowaway owner sown blown flown grown mown trown shown


Bold o in ow

shallow bellowing fellow yellow pillow willow follow following hollowing arrow barrow marrow narrow narrower sparrow borrow borrower sorrowing sorrowf5l furrow t#morrow burrow burrowing widow widower shadow window mellow meadow


Bold u in ue

sue sued clued overdue glue glued hue true accrue rescue statue value valued avenue c#ntinue c#ntinued tiss4e issue issued cruel cruelty duel duelling fuel refuel refuelled refuelling


Bold u in ui

suit suitable recruit recruitment fruit fruity fruitier juice juicy bruise bruised cruise cruised cruiser


Where o has a long u sound

t& d& d&ing und& int& wh& wh&m wh&se l&se l&sing m&ve m&ving rem&ve rem&ving m&vement pr&ve appr&ve appr&ving impr&ve impr&vement w&mb t&mb ent&mbed sh&e can&e tw& catac&mb


Where o has a long u sound

t&& m&& z&& sp&&k f&&d m&&dy n&&dle r&&f c&&l f&&lish br&&m gr&&m bridegr&&m r&&m s&&n l&&p sp&&nf5l ball&&n bab&&n 2ftern&&n sc&&p dr&&p tr&&p sw&&p sn&&ze b&&t sc&&ter sh&&t %utsh&&t r&&st r&&ster sm&&th b&&t t&&t l&&se g&&se n&&se ch&&se bamb&& b&&merang

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