Grammar Lessons 19 and 20

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(1) the contrasts between the simple present and present continuous forms of the verb
(2) the ‘S’ and ‘ES’ endings to verbs
(3) the writing of numbers to 100
(4) the colors
(5) the phrases: ‘there is’ and ‘there are’
New words: sleeps, combs, misses, catches, smokes, does, cooks, goes, sweeps, brushes, pipe, every, pint, half, just, stop, brown, blue, pin, red, white, yellow, banana, black, color.

Lesson tags: banana, black, blue, brown, brushes, catches, color, combs, cooks, does, every, goes, half, just, misses, pin, pint, pipe, red, sleeps, smokes, stop, sweeps, white, yellow
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