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This is lesson number twenty-four (24). This is the twenty-fourth (24th) lesson.

PHILIP: Hello, everybody Can you remember these?
CAROL: A cup of tea, a cup of coffee, a glass of milk, a box of matches, a packet of cigarettes.

PHILIP: That’s right, a packet of?
CAROL: A packet of cigarettes.


PHILIP: A box – of – matches.
CAROL: A box of matches.



PHILIP: A glass – of – milk.
CAROL: A glass of milk.


Glass of milk

PHILIP: Right! But now, please listen again!

CAROL: Here’s a teapot – without a lid!
Where’s the lid of the teapot?
PHILIP: The lid of the teapot?
This is the lid of the teapot.
This lid belongs to the teapot.


teapot-and-lidThe lid of the teapot

CAROL: Good, thank you. Here’s the lid of the saucepan.
This lid belongs to that saucepan.
PHILIP: This saucepan is without a lid.
Good, I’ll put the lid on the saucepan.

The lid of the saucepan



CAROL: What are you doing now?
PHILIP: I ‘m looking at the leg of the chair.
I must mend this.
We can’t use a chair with only three legs!
What are you doing?


CAROL: I’m cleaning the top of the table.
We can’t use a table with a dirty top.
PHILIP: Of course not.


A cup of tea, a glass of milk, a packet of cigarettes.
Of the…
The lid of the teapot, the leg of the chair, the top of the table.
And now, listen again for a moment! I want a new pair of socks.
CAROL: And I want a new pair of stockings, nylons
PHILIP: This is an old pair of shoes.
CAROL: Richard must take a pair of trousers to the dry cleaner’s.
PHILIP: Maria will buy a pair of gloves for her mother.
Now, will you please listen very carefully?
This pair of shoes is old. One pair!
These shoes are old. Two shoes!
CAROL: That pair of socks is… Richard’ Those socks are Richard’s.
PHILIP: This pair of shoes belongs to me. It belongs to me.
These shoes – belong – to me. They belong to me.
CAROL: That pair of socks belongs to Richard. It belongs to him.
Those socks – belong – to Richard. They belong to him.


PHILIP: Hello, Richard! Are you working in the garden – before breakfast?
RICHARD: Yes! Isn’t it terrible?
PHILIP: It is. It certainly is!
RICHARD: But I won’t have time after breakfast, before school.
And I won’t have time after school. So…
PHILIP: So here you are – before breakfast! What are you doing?
RICHARD: I’m cutting – I’m trying to cut these bushes.
PHILIP: But aren’t those shears too big?
RICHARD: These shears? Yes, they are.
They’re too big and they’re too old. That’s the trouble.
I want a new pair of shears. This pair of shears wants oil too.
PHILIP: Well, I have a can of oil in the garage. I’ll bring it.
RICHARD: Oh no, really, Philip! These shears are…
PHILIP: Those shears want oil, and here’s the oil. I’ll put the oil on your pair of shears, and you can use this pair. This is a new pair of shears. It belongs to Helen.
RICHARD: Oh, but these are beautiful shears. I can’t use these, Philip!
PHILIP: Of course you can! Try them !
RICHARD: Oh yes, I’ll try them.
… My word, this is a fine little pair of shears!
PHILIP: Hi, be careful! You mustn’t cut the top of that small tree.
RICHARD: No, I mustn’t! That tree belongs to Carol. But it’s in front of these roses. That’s not so good.
PHILIP: No. But that tree’s very small now. You can put it there, behind the roses.
RICHARD: Yes, I’ll do that tomorrow, after school. I’ll be too late tonight.
PHILIP: Why, Richard?
RICHARD: Because I must go to the school sports club tonight. I’ll be home after seven o’clock, but before eight o’clock.
PHILIP: But that’s too late. Well, tomorrow then. Call me, Richard, and I’ll help you.
RICHARD: Will you? Thanks very much.
PHILIP: Yes, of course I will. I’ll bring a large garden fork too.
RICHARD: Oh, good! I must mend the handle of our garden fork. Look at it!
RICHARD: It isn’t really my fork. It belongs to Carol’s father. And that old pair of shears belongs to him. They’re his shears. I must buy a pair of shears, and a good garden fork. And – one day – I must buy a new lawnmower!
That old lawn-mower cuts the grass –
PHILIP: But it’s very hard work!
RICHARD: It is! Your lawnmower is wonderful, but it’s new.
PHILIP: No, it isn’t new, but I look after it! It’s my baby!
RICHARD: It’s a beauty! Well, this is a fine little pair of shears! Thank you very much, Philip.
PHILIP: That’s all right. Here are your shears.
RICHARD: Yes, they’re fine now! I’ll cut those small bushes tomorrow, before breakfast.
PHILIP: And I’ll help you tomorrow evening after work. We’ll put that small tree behind the roses. I’ll help you before dinner tomorrow.
CAROL: Richard! Hurry! Breakfast is ready now!
PHILIP: Ah, breakfast for you, lucky man! I’m hungry!
RICHARD: You’ll have breakfast at eight o’clock, just two minutes! Helen’s never late! We know!
RICHARD: Because she calls you every morning… “Breakfast, Philip!” I’ll see you tomorrow. Thanks for the shears.

This is lesson number twenty-four. Please read and learn the lesson now!

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