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This is lesson number twenty-two (22). This is the twenty-second (22nd) lesson.

CAROL: Hello, everybody! This morning you must practise. You must speak English! So, first, we’ll speak, then the bell will ring, then you must speak! Are you ready?
Aren’t these men’s socks?… RICHARD: No, they aren’t… CAROL: Are they boys’ socks?… RICHARD: Yes, they are… CAROL: Whose socks are they?… RICHARD: They’re Christopher’s socks… CAROL: Isn’t that Susan’s rattle?… RICHARD: Yes, it is… It’s the baby’s rattle… CAROL: Isn’t this a tin of paint?… RICHARD: No, it isn’t… It’s a tin of sand… CAROL: Whose sand is it?… RICHARD: It’s the boy’s sand… CAROL: Isn’t it your tin of sand?… RICHARD: No, it isn’t. It’s Christopher’s… Isn’t this your shopping basket?… CAROL: No, it isn’t. It’s Helen’s… RICHARD: Aren’t these your gloves?… CAROL: No, they aren’t. They’re Maria’s…


MARIA: Oh, Carol! Carol, be careful! The milk is going
on your skirt!
CAROL: Oh, no! Oh dear, look at this skirt! What can I do?
MARIA: Never mind, we can wash your skirt. Put a dress on and I’ll wash the skirt…
CAROL: Oh no, Maria, we mustn’t wash this skirt.
MARIA: Isn’t that right… to wash the skirt?
CAROL: No, it isn’t, Maria. I must take the skirt to the dry
cleaner’s. They’ll ‘dry clean’ the skirt, and then it will be all
right again.
MARIA: Well, I’ll take the skirt. The dry cleaner’s? Isn’t that a shop in Milford?
CAROL: Yes, it is. That’s right.
MARIA: I understand now. Mother takes our coats there, and she takes my brother’s trousers, and my warm housecoat…
CAROL: Yes, that’s right, Maria. We can’t wash coats and trousers and skirts. We can wash summer dresses and skirts and coats. We can wash cotton and nylon dresses and coats. But we can’t wash heavy woollen dresses and coats. We can wash summer clothes, but we can’t always wash winter clothes…
MARIA:… and then we must go to the dry cleaner’s. Good… I’ll go!
CAROL: No, no, Maria, Richard will take the clothes in the car. He must take my winter coat, and Christopher’s winter coat, and his trousers… Richard’s trousers… and this skirt too.
MARIA: And when will Richard bring the clothes home again?
CAROL: Oh, on Monday…
MARIA: And… will he bring the right clothes? Whose clothes will he bring?
CAROL: He’ll bring our clothes! He’ll bring his trousers, and my skirt, and Christopher’s coat…!
MARIA: Oh, I see…
CAROL: First, Richard will take the clothes to the dry cleaner’s.
CAROL: Then, the girl in the shop will give Richard a ticket for my skirt, and a ticket for his trousers, and a ticket for my
coat, and so on. Four, five, six tickets.
MARIA: Ah! And she’ll put a ticket on your skirt and a ticket
on Richard’s trousers and a ticket on the boy’s coat…
CAROL:… and so on’. That’s right! But… Maria, you know
men! Richard will go to the dry cleaner’s on Monday… without the tickets! He always goes without the tickets!
MARIA: And then…?
CAROL: He’ll come home and he’ll say…
MARIA: “You are bad, Carol. It’s your mistake!” Isn’t that right?
CAROL: Yes! The tickets are in my handbag, but he knows that. He can always take the tickets…
MARIA: Of course! Ah, here he is!
RICHARD: Hello, Maria. How are you?
MARIA: I’m very well, thank you, Richard!
RICHARD: And how’s Carol? Carol! Isn’t that your good skirt?
CAROL: Yes, it is, and this is milk!
RICHARD: Oh dear, that’s bad. I’ll take that skirt to the dry cleaner’s, Carol. I must take this coat, and I must bring home my brown trousers.
CAROL: Then take the ticket, Richard! It’s in my handbag.
RICHARD: Yes, yes, of course I’ll take the ticket! Aren’t there chiIdren’s clothes and coats?
CAROL: Yes, there are. You can take Christopher’s winter coat and my coat too, and this skirt, and my blue woollen dress.
RICHARD: All right, I’ll take the clothes in the car.
CAROL: Thanks very much, Richard.
RICHARD: Isn’t that a new jumper, Carol?
CAROL: No, it isn’t, Richard! It’s old!
RICHARD: Well, it’s a nice jumper. I like that colour.
CAROL: That’s good, Richard. I like this colour too!

RICHARD: Can you dry-clean these clothes, please?
GIRL: Yes, certainly, Mr Gray.
RICHARD: Can I have the clean clothes, please?
Here are the tickets!

This is lesson number twenty-two. Please read and learn the lesson now!

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