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This is lesson number twenty-one (21). This is the twenty-first (21st) lesson.

HELEN: Hello, everybody! Please listen carefully!
That’s Philip’s car. Philip is my husband. That’s my husband’s car.
CAROL: Whose car is it?
HELEN: It’s Philip’s car. It’s my husband’s car. It’s his car.
PHILIP: That’s the canary. It’s singing. It’s Helen’s canary. Helen is my wife. It’s my wife’s canary.
CAROL: Whose canary is it?
PHILIP: It’s Helen’s canary. It’s my wife’s canary. It’s her canary.


Helen’s canary


Philip’s car

HELEN: What’s that?
PHILIP: It’s a ‘cowboy’ pistol. It’s a child’s pistol.
CAROL: It’s Christopher’s pistol. Christopher is my son. It’s my son’s pistol. It’s a boy’s pistol.
HELEN: Whose pistol is it?
CAROL: It’s Christopher’s pistol. It’s my son’s pistol. It’s a boy’s pistol. It’s his pistol. What’s this? Listen!
PHILIP: It’s Susan’s rattle.
CAROL: Yes, it’s Susan’s rattle. Susan is my daughter. It’s my daughter’s rattle. It’s her rattle.
HELEN: Yes, it’s the baby’s rattle, and the baby wants her rattle! Whose dog is that?


Christopher’s pistol


 Susan’s rattle

PHILIP: It’s the boy’s dog.
HELEN: What is the boy’s name?
PHILIP: His name is Peter. Whose gloves are these?
HELEN: They’re women’s gloves, but they aren’t my… gloves.
PHILIP: Then they’re Carol’s gloves.
HELEN: Yes, they’re her gloves. Whose socks are these? Are they your socks, Philip?
PHILIP: Let’s see… Helen! These aren’t men’s socks. They’re children’s socks. They’re boys’ socks.
HELEN: Then whose socks are they?
PHILIP: They’re Christopher’s socks! They’re his socks!


Peter’s dog


Carol’s gloves


Christopher’s socks

HELEN: Carol? Are you there?
CAROL: Yes, Helen. One minute! I’m coming.
HELEN: Please come and look!
CAROL: Yes, yes, I’m coming… Here I am!
HELEN: Oh, good! Can you come in for a minute, Carol? Can you come and look? Please come!
CAROL: Of course I can come! I’m coming. I’ll be there in a minute!
HELEN: Carol’s corning, Philip. Is it working now?
PHILIP: Of course it’s working! Come and look, Helen. There it is !
HELEN: Oh, Philip. I like it very much. Thank you very much!
CAROL: Can I come in, Helen?
HELEN: Come in! Come in!

CAROL: Television! Whose TV is it? Is it your TV? Is it new?
HELEN: Yes, it’s our TV Philip is buying it, but we’ll look at the programmes tonight first.
CAROL: Oh, it’s a beautiful TV Listen! HELEN Yes, of course we’ll buy this… PHILIP: But we must look at the programmes on the television first.
HELEN: Yes, yes, but we’ll like this. It’s a beautiful TV
PHILIP: Then we’ll buy the TV… tomorrow!
CAROL: Oh, look at the children’s toys… trains and cars… and look at those dolls!


PHILIP: So Mother and Father, Jimmie and Joan look at Doctor Smith or Doctor Brown. And he has a nice white coat! And he’s holding a girl’s hand… a beautiful girl, of course!


PHILIP: This is a women’s programme too…!
HELEN: They’re always women’s programmes in the afternoon.
CAROL: And they’re always children’s programmes at five o’clock and six o’clock.
PHILIP: Oh ! And when’s the news?
CAROL: Oh yes, seven o’clock.Look! Helen, look at those hats ! Oh dear! Women’s hats aren’t very beautiful this year !
PHILIP: Beautiful! They’re shocking! Women’s programmes, women’s hats, children’s toys! When are the
men’s programmes? At eight o’clock?
HELEN: Well, no… not really! The programmes are family programs then.


A news programme


Cowboys and pistols

This is lesson number twenty-one. Please read and learn the lesson now!

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