Lesson 101

Complexity: Hard

Having a cold or the flu. <strong>Expression:</strong> Would you mind… ING <strong>Expression:</strong> Have and haven’t got. <strong>Question sentences:</strong> past, present and future.

Lesson 109

Complexity: Hard

More about the ING form. Meat is a Food. A Glass Vase. My Job Is… Now You Can Read This.

Lesson 114

Complexity: Hard

<strong>More:</strong> Have… has… been... ING. Question Phrases. Negative Sentences. Questions and Answers. Now You Can Read This

Lesson 115

Complexity: Hard

<strong>More:</strong> Was… were… ING. Negative Sentences and Questions. Short Answers. Nationalities. Now You Can Read This.

Set Two

Complexity: Easy

<strong>Mid-word (medial) consonants</strong> plus <strong>suffixes:</strong> ing, er, y, le, ed.

Audio Lesson 6

Length: 9 minutesComplexity: Easy

<strong>Audio:</strong> Revises -ING ending words in bigger sentence. <strong>Introduces the verbs</strong> must and can. <strong>New words:</strong> or, long, have, must, talk, swim, holiday, now, cups, saucers, please, table, playing, working, writing, Maria, Peter, friend, money, cigarette, silver, coin, cents, dollar, note, wonderful.

Audio Lesson 75

Length: 9 minutesComplexity: Hard

<strong>Audio:</strong> Introduces the past continuous tense. <strong>New words and phrases:</strong> 'was' and 'were' plus '-ING' ending verbs.

Grammar Lessons 91 and 92

Complexity: Hard

<strong>Features:</strong> (1) using: ‘before/after/without/by’ with -ING ending verb forms (2) the expressions ‘tired of/interested in/sorry for’ before -ING ending verb forms (3) more two word verbs (4) the words ‘so’, ‘neither’, and ‘nor’.

Audio Lesson 92

Length: 9 minutesComplexity: Hard

<strong>Audio:</strong> Special emphasis on prepositions before -ING verb forms. <strong>New words and phrases:</strong> by… (-ING ending verb), without… (-ING ending verb), insects, butterfly, caterpillar, fly, cockroach, bee, spider, glad

Audio Lesson 93

Length: 9 minutesComplexity: Hard

<strong>Audio:</strong> like/love, begin/start, hate/continue, before the word ‘TO’ and before -ING ending verb forms. <strong>New words and phrases:</strong> blouses, travelling, block, traditions, places, store, sort, ways, fibers.