Audio Lesson 8

Length: 9 minutesComplexity: Easy

Audio revises: must, and, can, to, from, at New Words: blackboard, hungry, wait, bus, teach, again, lucky Days of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Audio Lesson 19

Length: 9 minutesComplexity: Easy

Audio: A revision with days of the week and months of the year as the main feature. Also introduces the use of the ‘s’ sound at the end of verbs that have 3rd person-singular subjects. New words: night, try, teacher, speaks, eats, sleeps, puts, goes, feeds, cooks, sings, listens, likes, knows, says, always, bang, help!, pistol, roses, again, for.

Audio Lesson 22

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Length: 9 minutesComplexity: Easy

Audio: Main theme: caring for clothes of different types. New words and phrases: too, skirt, brother, trousers, housecoat, ticket, again, woollen, warm, clothes, heavy, handbag, winter, oat, summer clothes, certainly.

Audio Lesson 34

Length: 9 minutesComplexity: Standard

Audio: Theme: Introduces ‘going to’ to replace ‘will’. New words and phrases: going to, second, bedtime, nearly, crawls, round, after, walk, run, knees, dirty, quiet, quite, heavens, certainly, all right, top, fall, again, like, washer, morning tea, hurry up, quick, funny, break, back, oh!, sneeze, next, putting, driving, travelling, in front of, behind, probably, footballer, one day, move, clouds, drive, visit.