Australia’s National ESL Teachers of over 50 Years Ago are the very real but now largely forgotten heroes who originally designed the documents and recordings that now feature (in modern digital form) throughout this site. The teaching brilliance, ingenuity and dedication of these teachers will simply never be surpassed. Education throughout our modern Australia is enormously indebted to these pioneers.

Chris Nugent

Widely recognized throughout Australia for his work as a specialist teacher in English language acquisition and in basic literacy skills. He is the author of books, teaching systems and many papers in this area, beginning with his first copyrighted work in 1965.

Chris’s two most recent works are major: they incorporate the design and development of the unique Virtual Phonetics script and the Phonetic English Bible website. The script is a (once in a millennium) practical teaching event that enables passages of written English to be presented in a phonetically regular way! The website represents what teachers can do when they combine this script with the brilliant design work of Australia’s top ESL teachers of over 50 years ago.

Michael Kowalski
VP Text converter development

Software developer with a personal interest in language, philosophy, and computer-based automation. When he can find free time, he enjoys playing the keyboard; cycling; and trying better to understand and improve on the conditions of humanity. Michael began his computer endeavours around the age of 7. By 14, he had begun programming; and by 19, his software was used daily in numerous nations. Today, he delivers custom IT solutions in computer networking, automated machinery, and various other disciplines.